Nando’s review

No one would hate chicken, most of my friends are Nando’s Lover, but not for ME. I did not have high expectations, the food was awful, I cannot taste the Chicken because of… Continue reading


  Anyone enjoy their cold drinks during summer time? I am a coffee lover and also a frappuccino lover as well ❤   But how many of us would care about the amount… Continue reading

Fire Noodle Challenge in London!(불닭볶음면)


The Natural Kitchen

2016.01.27 After visited a tour in Madame Museum, I found a great place for a light supper in Natural Kitchen which is located in Baker Street, if you are a healthy dieter and here… Continue reading


Last post of my eggs food collections!! ;))


Oh my goshhh X( These make me soooooo hungry in the mid-night!!!!

Egggggs foodie Part.2

Food with Eggsss (1) <3

Homemade Egg Omelette fried rice

Egg Omelette fried rice ❤ A little secret: I am so obsess with any kind of food with EGGGGS! I will keep update food that made with eggs in the next coming up… Continue reading

Korea food again!

#tbt !!! Korean food in London! It was unexpected delicioussssssssss hmmmmmm yum! We ordered “부대찌개” which is spicy mixed meat and vegetable stew with instant noodelssss. The smell is already fabulous  before it… Continue reading

Nando’s Review! Delicious :)

Today I dated my best friend to Nando’s! (Actually it was my cheat day=P). Besides of Mcdonal’s or KFC, I guess Nando’s is one of the best options to enjoy your meal with juicy… Continue reading

Sweet Street Dance ;)

Another fantastic bboy street dance episode by Jinpo.

Homemade Dessert <3

Baking is my favourite activity(?) 😛 during the leisure time~~~~ Why not trying to share something unique to your family, friends or beloved one? Trust me, they can feel the love from you.… Continue reading

I hit the 100 likes😂👍

Even tho it’s not a big number but as a beginner blogger I feel so happy now 👍

Sharing my home workout playlist!

As i mentioned last week on the “Lose fat” blog, I always enjoy doing home workout and I am going to share my favourite workout to everyone! Click -> (HomeWorkOut) to check out… Continue reading

Gingerbread Cookies! (Recipe)

Gingerbread Cookies! Cooking time: 8 minutes; 2 hours cooling time (You can make approximately 40 cookies) Ingredients that you need: 2 sticks of unsalted butter at room temperature 3/4 cup of brown sugar 1/2 cup of… Continue reading

Ginger bread!X)

What I have bought today!! The ingredients of gingerbread cookiesssss x) (ready for Christmas🎄🎅) Shopping is always enjoyable 😉 I am going to write a recipe of how to make a perfect ginger… Continue reading

DIY loon bandssss!

Uni reading week has started!  Time to do something fun during my leisure time before I am going to start doing additional school assessments 🙂 SO! Today I made some loon bands bracelets~… Continue reading

Another episode from YJP youtuber!

Background music: Akdong Musician(AKMU)– 200% Nice boat trip with Kendama. Representing HongKong B-BOY

Weight lose! Burn FAT!!!

My dad has been keep reminding me that “Fast food is extremely unhealthy” until now. Yea, everyone knows that burgers, chips, etc are unhealthy.Well, obviously, in fact, everyone knows it. But the quote… Continue reading